The favor of God is many things for us. Not the least of which is the permission to ask & expect.

He has given you this permission to dream and to make requests for specific issues, problems, situations and circumstances.

Ask and it shall be given.

This is the climate that He’s creating in your life.

Of course, His “yes” may not look like what we think. However, as the people of God, we get to be the most confident on the face of the earth because He’s got things in His heart for us that we can’t even imagine.

He is intent on satisfying His desire to bestow a blessing on us that is significantly above and beyond our own ability to conceive of it.

God loves to say yes to us.

He is constantly looking for opportunities to show Himself as both a promise maker and a promise keeper.

Having His favor means we have special consideration for His intentional desire to take place, even in the ordinary things in life. And He takes this favor into a high and deep place of confidence; confidence in His goodness, so that a greater faith anointing can begin to grow in you.

This is the time and the season for rapid growth.

He is doing things quickly and you will no longer be able to walk with Him. You’ll have to learn to run. And as He teaches you how to do so, He will also teach you how to stand in the place of His desire so that your desire matches His!

So what are you waiting for?

Ask today in the confidence of His favor and hear His heart saying, ‘Yes.’

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