There’s no waiting for an invitation to the place of abiding with God. He is fully and completely present with us any day, any place, and any time. Abiding is the best and fastest way to become transformed because it is relational, not situational. Your place of abiding is a gift that’s always there.

The Father is the Creator and Initiator.

In the Kingdom, Father is the Creator.  He initiates everything as a gift given to us through Jesus.

In the place of abiding, God comes to show us how fellowship with Him works. He initiated abiding with us and His commitment to us is constant. The relationship never changes. He is always our Father and we are always His children. That’s His responsibility.

Abiding is our focused response and our celebration of Him in us. We become passionate in practicing a lifestyle centered on Presence, and we avoid the alternatives because the life of God is so beautiful and so compelling in the majesty of His love, passion, and deep affection for us. We rejoice that we are free to pursue Him in the same way that He has pursued us!

Jesus is our Redeemer and Abiding Presence.

What Christ is doing in us is always the entry point for all that God is giving us. Just like the root system of a vine provides all the life-giving nutrients that creates the branches and produces the fruit, so the life-giving Presence of Jesus creates the means for us to be constantly renewed and restored.

The place of Abiding is about life being on earth the way it is in heaven. It’s the life that Jesus had with His Father that we are now included in. Jesus went first and prepared a place where He could be in us and we could be in Him. As we abide in the Son, we become uniquely positioned to receive everything that is now available to us for whatever life event we are facing.

The Holy Spirit is the Genius who helps us respond.

There is a majesty in the way God indwells us. It’s an all-inclusive relationship and an all-embracing fellowship that makes us complete in Him. This is where the Holy Spirit is so astonishing in ministry within us. Everything that Jesus has in Himself in the Father is made available to us in our life circumstances.

The Holy Spirit is the genius who ensures that we both receive and respond to God’s overture. Abiding is the best and fastest way to become transformed, simply because it is totally relational. When we’re not abiding, we rely on external things like meetings or programs, rather than the inner power that we already possess in Jesus.

Beloved, there’s no waiting for an invitation to the place of abiding.  God initiated His dwelling place to be in YOU.

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