Prayer is one of the great benefits of life as a New Creation in Christ. In today’s episode, we hope you are inspired to step into this joyful, relational, and compelling life of prayer.

1. Effective prayer begins when we operate as the Beloved.

In 2003, I wrote a book called Crafted Prayer after I had a series of encounters with God in life that taught me to understand and experience prayer from the place of inheritance in Jesus. And I realized that practicing living as a new creation in Christ brought me into the place of unique privilege because of the truth that Jesus actually lived in me. Which meant that I lived in the place of His inheritance in the Father. You know, we can only pray effectively from the position of being the Beloved of Jesus. As He is, so are we. (1 John 4:17)


2. Our inheritance in Christ is our starting place for prayer.

We have an inheritance in Jesus that impacts everything in life. Our starting place for prayer as part of our inheritance is Romans 8:17. It says […], “Because we are His offspring, we are qualified to be heirs. God Himself is our portion and we co-inherit with Christ. Since we were represented and included in His suffering, we equally participate in the glory of His resurrection.” In Colossians 1:12, we see this expressed as a thankful response to God. And it says, “Giving thanks to the Father who has qualified us to be partakers of the saints in light.” Your inheritance in Christ has huge benefits that work all across your life, just like an earthly inheritance would.


3. Prayer as a new creation is our divine advantage.

The massive benefit of inheritance prayer is the delight we have in praying with God rather than just towards Him. This is so beautiful to me. You know, in the old covenant, people had to go through a mediary (a priest or a prophet) to hear the word of the Lord. They had to journey to a temple to be in His presence. Now, in the new covenant, the temple is Christ in you. So you are constantly exposed to the Redeemer’s fellowship with the Creator and the Helper/Comforter in God. We’re learning to see prayer from the New Man perspective which is definitely a divine advantage.


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