Times of quiet renewing are not about the absence of activity. When God guides us out of a fast flow and into a slower ebb, it is a time where His beauty can transform our fellowship and enlarge our hearts.

Life in the Spirit has intentional rhythms.

All of life has an ebb and a flow. One of the laws of life in the spirit is: You cannot ever be in a permanent “flow of the spirit.” There are rhythms to the ways of God.  We see it all around us in nature. The tide comes in… the tide goes out.  The phases of the moon range from unseen to brilliant.  The seasons have times of fruitfulness and of rest.

In Leviticus 26:34-35, God instructed Israel to give the land a time of rest, an ebb from production.  It talks about rotating your land so that there is a portion that is always fallow or in ebb.  The land is not actively producing, so farmers take time to build up the soil texture and nutrients.  In order to not exhaust the land, it needs a time to receive, not give.

And what’s true in the natural is true in the Spirit.

Ebbs are a time for renewal and refreshing with God.

God knows that if you’re constantly giving in ministry, work  or service, or if you’re learning as fast as you can… the nutrients that come to you in busyness will eventually be drained.

I’ve known so many people who had a really excellent working relationship with God, but an unfruitful fellowship with the Lord. Times of renewal ebbs are not about the absence of activity. They are about how God wants to be with us and our response to Him as we go through our day.

There has to be a place in the rhythm and schedule of life for beauty. God’s intention from the beginning is that we should be like Him. For that to happen it is important that we create with God some specific times where we fully focus on God’s nature and our new man combining at a broader and deeper level.

Seasons of ebb enlarge and enrich our fellowship with Him.

David’s heart cried out to know one thing! To dwell in God’s house (the temple) and to behold His Beauty. In Jesus, the temple now becomes a place of internal habitation where we live in the empowering presence of God as our constant reality.

Every time God takes us out of flow and into ebb, it is a season where His beauty can transform our fellowship and take us to new lengths, breadth, depth, and height of relationship that enriches our fellowship.

Studying alone does not produce transformation into the image and likeness of God. Even with our value for relational learning, there’s a time to push the pause button on the flow of teaching and ebb back into the beauty and simplicity of God being with us … and us being in God.  

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