Every situation is primarily about who God wants to be for you, and each circumstance is an opportunity to encounter new levels of favor and faith in the Lord. If we believed our favor was always present, how would that change our relationship with the Lord?

Favor teaches us to dream with God.

Favor is permission to ask. It’s permission to seek and to knock, and to be sure that God’s answer is going to be yes; because all the promises of God are “yes and amen” in Christ.

Favor is God happily indulging Himself in our lives because He loves to teach us to dream bigger. He enlarges our hearts when His desire comes into our spirit.

So the starting point is this:

  • God is for me.
  • He is with me.
  • He has a magnificent outcome planned.
  • It will be delightful for us to discover what that is.

Favor connects us with His affections.

In relational learning, God works in the heart. What happens in the heart will then rise up to engage with your mindset.

This means that we must first connect with the affections of God for us. You need to know that He has a definite, intentional bias toward you. You are His favorite, which means that you are about to receive a divine advantage in your situation. When we know that He’s going to show up, we become rested and relaxed in His favor.

Confidence in God’s favor brings you to a place of rest, peace, and joy. You can’t fully learn or receive when you’re feeling anxious, panicked, or even thinking negatively about yourself.

Remember: God is always for you, never against you. So, who does God want to be for you here, right now?

That’s favor.

Favor reminds us to look for Him in every situation.

The purpose of God in your circumstances is to lead you into an increased place of fellowship and relationship with Him. Then, when purpose and relationship combine, that is when territory begins to open up. That territory can be your workplace, your family, your circle of friends, or any area where you hold influence.

Your territory is your training ground in favor. This means that we’re learning to look for favor in the middle of our circumstances because we want to be conscious and aware that it is going to be there.

In the New Testament, the question is, “How do you see God when He never leaves you? When He’s always present?”

We are looking for Him in every situation, knowing that we will see Him.

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