Sometimes the world can be a tiring place. From carrying the weight of our own negativity to dealing with difficult people and toxic workplaces, everything in our external environment is constantly changing. But instead of carrying stress during times of difficulty, what if your inner life with God could produce a peace that overwhelms all external pressures?

1. Staying fresh is empowered by God’s presence within you.

We all know that pressures and problems are a constant. And most of the time, we learn how to cope with things to get through a situation. What we seldom do […] is get rid of the emotional, physical, mental stress that are the fallout pressures that often remain. We get through the issue itself, but the effect of the issue is still working in us. It gets stored up as fatigue, weariness, exhaustion, constant tiredness, heavy heart, even a lethargy in how we work and do things. The only way we can do more than [just] get through circumstances is to practice a lifestyle that’s empowered by God’s presence within.


2. Being refreshed is not transactional, it’s a lifestyle.

Coming to God when you’re in trouble is sensible. But most people do it on a transactional basis. We want help now, but what we don’t always do is develop the lifestyle that He wants us to lead with Him. Not doing that means all the stress gets compounded. It builds up over time and it can lead to a lack of renewable energy that only Presence can provide the antidote [for]. We are practicing rest and newness daily, and moving in the opposite spirit (which we call “insteads”) so that every negative doesn’t evolve into something bigger. It’s dealt with right at that point.


3. Internal rest is the best way to halt stress.

Being fresh every day prevents negative build-up as we live only one day at a time. So the practice of focusing on powerful alternatives (like the “insteads”) means that any negative thing does not actually build up. We don’t build up a negative construct against people or against ourselves or against situations. What happens with rest is we gradually learn to be more relaxed, at peace, and free from pressure. So practicing newness every day with God releases us from the toxins of stress and allows us to stay calm, joyful, and expectant. “New every day” is a heart response to God’s presence that becomes a powerful mindset.


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