It was the relationship between God and Moses that first gave us the revelation that glory and goodness are bound together in the heart of God. An expectation of His goodness is the hallmark of every disciple, because goodness is present in all that He does. What would it look like for you to encounter the incomparable goodness of God?

1. Astonishing good news is the tell-tale sign of the Kingdom.

Moses has an encounter with goodness that was so powerful, it made his face shine with such a radiance that in public he had to live with a veil over his face. Encounters like that, so incredible, [that] they border on fantasy almost. And that’s the thing for me about the gospel. It is such astonishing good news, so astounding, so amazing, so incredible. It borders on fantasy. We have a pessimistic saying in the world that if something is too good to be true, someone is being conned. But in the Kingdom, if it’s not too good to be true, it’s not God.


2. Experiencing the fullness of goodness requires your imagination.

The Gospel is so bright, so shining, so astonishing, so incredible, so amazing. When you connect with it, it can take you to places in the relam of God that you’re going to need an imagination to access. There is a point where your spirituality has to go way beyond your intellect. And you can only access that way of thinking through wisdom, through revelation, through encounter, through imagination with God. The reason God gave you an imagination, and the reason that He speaks to people in dreams and visions is because those things are not based in any kind of logic or rationale. But they open you up to a realm of thinking that logic is incapable of getting to.


3. Jesus came to invite us into the glory of God’s goodness.

The glory of God is in His unending goodness. And His goodness and His glory must fill the earth even as it fills heaven. We want the same reality on earth that heaven is enjoying because that’s what Jesus came to give us. He came to give us a glimpse of what the Kingdom really is like. He came to give us a taster and then He said, “greater things will you do.”


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