We have a God who knows our future and tells us how we can align ourselves with Him to create a pathway from here to there. The seeds of your destiny are already present, and the key to your future is investing today.

All success is backwards.

I’ve learned in business that there is this critical path analysis where you start with a launch date in mind. You work back to the present to determine a pathway of development so that you can hit that time [frame].

When you get a prophetic word, you’ve got an outcome. Now you need to work back from that word to figure out, “What are all the things that I need to learn and become so that that word can be realized?”

Here’s the brilliant thing: The more you start practicing that, the closer the word comes. The more you give yourself to that preparation, the closer it gets. So what was 10 years in the word could be 18 months. It could be 2 years because God is a quickening Spirit, and when He is in the mood, so are you. You are a quickening spirit, too.

The seeds of your future are already present.

We’re not living in the present with no concept of our future. That, Beloved, is illegal behavior. We have a God who knows our future and tells us how we can align ourselves with Him to create a pathway from now to then and there. Jesus loved to say, “The hour is coming and even now is.” He had this great handle on time. He didn’t really care about it all that much.

The seeds of that hour to come are already present in your life. So that hour can be here as well as on the way. Welcome to the Kingdom! It can be here while you are waiting to see it. You can be partnering with it before you see it, as you see it. The fruits of that hour will surely come if we nurture the seed that is currently present. If you’ve got prophetic words, if you’ve had dreams or visions, if you’ve had Scripture promises given to you … somewhere in the seeds of those words are the seeds of your identity, and who you really are.

The key to your future is investing today.

God will always talk to you in the present because of how He sees you.

That means everything to me! It means that I can have these astonishing, amazing conversations with God right now. And the other thing it means, too, is that as things start developing, you always come up against the one big thing that seems to stop everything: money. Resources.

“I need resources here to become that.”

Don’t you think He knows that? Because of who you are going to be, He wants you to start investing money now before you need it. So you invest here because of what’s coming.

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