The Joy of Simplicity is a prophetic word to you regarding how to live refreshed and renewed in the Lord. This word is about freedom. Freedom when the old has passed and everything has become new. Freedom to leave any negatives behind in yesterday and look forward to today in love, delight, and patience.

1. Embrace your identity as the Beloved of God.

Beloved, the reason why you are always so wonderfully loved by Me is that I put you into My beloved Son. That means you are now the Beloved also. You have the same place in My heart as Him, and therefore, you will encounter and experience all the same levels of love that He enjoys. This truth is a profound revelation of your identity—a cherished child of God who shares the depths of His affection. You will know the same length and breadth, height and depth of love and joy in Me that He knows only too well. Your journey is now a dance within the embrace of divine love.


2. Let God’s unwavering love be your strength and resilience.

In this prophetic word, we learn that trials are not meant to break us, but to refine us into radiant beings. As you navigate life’s storms, remember that your resilience mirrors the strength within you—a strength gifted by God’s unwavering presence. My patience comes as a soothing balm, overwhelming every negative thought and emotion with its gentle persistence. It becomes a shield against irritants, frustrations, and anger that may arise in the world or within yourself and others. And as you learn to extend this gentleness to others, it transforms into an act of divine love.


3. Enjoy every moment as communion with God.

My promises are as straightforward as a green light, always leading you toward Me. Through scriptures, prophecies, dreams, and visions, I reveal My intentions, inviting you to embrace them fully. Regardless of circumstances, our approach remains constant—transforming challenges into Kingdom possibilities. In the midst of life’s journey, this simplicity guides you toward goodness and outrageous joy, rendering you a reflection of the unchanging love I have for you. Each moment holds the promise of newness, joy, and communion with Me.


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