What does it look like to walk through difficult circumstances as a new creation in Christ? Join us on today’s episode as special guest Dionne van Zyl shares all about the KEYS to a lifestyle of overcoming.

Overcoming is a journey of understanding our true identity in Christ.

Today we are joined on the podcast by Dionne van Zyl, president of Brilliant Perspectives! He shares a few critical keys for living a lifestyle of overcoming. Dionne is a beloved team member with an incredibly diverse life journey — from being radically saved at 14 years old, to becoming a pastor, an accomplished student, a businessman, an author, and a parent to four wonderful children. Through his anecdotes and compelling metaphors, he never fails to highlight the beauty of relational learning with God.

The “crawl space” teaches us to be more than conquerors.

As one of the main keys in today’s conversation, Dionne introduces the concept of the “crawl space.” It’s a place where we experience God’s kindness and acceleration as we are propelled into the next level of our own growth. By choosing to embrace this humbling and transformative process, we can find ourselves emerging from difficult life circumstances with true peace, joy, and an expanded experience of God’s goodness. The best part of the process? We are learning to simply rest in the ultimate overcomer, Jesus Christ. We begin to recognize that true victory lies not in the resolution of our circumstances, but in growing in our understanding of our identity in Christ.

The beauty of overcoming also extends to our parenting.

Dionne and his wife, Bridget, have also developed a powerful curriculum called “Parenting with the Holy Spirit.” Together, they have been empowering parents across the globe to raise children based on their true identity in Christ. By teaching children to know the Lord directly, not just to know about Him, parents can guide them to walk in the newness of their nature in Christ. In partnership with the Holy Spirit, parenting is a beautiful avenue for cultivating children who can overcome life’s challenges.

Want to learn more? Tune in to today’s podcast as we uncover the keys to a life of overcoming!

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