In the Kingdom, God gives us everything upfront. Then He teaches us how to live in it. Everything is about possibilities, and all prophecy is relating to a God who redeems time. The faster we learn to respond to His Spirit, the quicker we move toward our destiny.

In the Kingdom, God merges our identity and our destiny.

God speaks to us prophetically about our future and then He relates to us in the present through our destiny. So when God calls you a warrior, He talks to you as a warrior from that point on. He will not talk to you in any other way. If He has declared that you are a warrior, He will talk to you as a warrior from that point on. He talks to you in the present with your destiny in mind because He is bringing those two things close together as fast as possible.

That is often our disconnect. It’s because He lives in the Kingdom and we have been in the world. We’ve learned the world’s way of thinking where everything is incremental. You start off working in the mailroom and 35 years later you’re in the board room! Everything is incremental. It’s all about you getting a promotion, earning that raise and everything else. That’s how life works in the natural. You start here, you end up there. But in the Kingdom, it’s the opposite. God gives you everything now and teaches you how to use it.

In the Kingdom, God gives us everything upfront.

Here’s the thing: God doesn’t give you a little bit and see how you get on with it. He gives you everything here and then He says, “Why don’t you learn to live in it? Why don’t you live from fullness, not towards it?”

When God is teaching you to fight, He doesn’t do it incrementally. He just says, “Listen, this is how we fight in the Kingdom. We fight from victory, not toward it. We fight with the victory, not to try and get one.” You have the victory, step into it. Step into the mindset. Step into the vision of it. Step into the language of it. Become it as fast as you want.

Do you really think He is going to hold you back? “Oh, well, I’m not really ready for you right now, but talk to me again in a couple of years and we’ll see what we can do.” No, He wants you to move as fast as you can move. He gives you everything up front so you’ve got everything to work with rather than nothing.

In the Kingdom, everything is about possibilities.

Our problem is many of us, I think, have been trained to try and live the best life possible in Egypt. We have a poverty mindset. We have a mindset that is rooted in the world around us, not the Kingdom that is now within us. It’s a little like the difference between the world and the Kingdom is like playing baseball with football rules. You’re in the world but you’re not of it. You’re in the Kingdom now and different rules apply.

Have you noticed there are no problems in the Kingdom? What with the Three of Them up there, seriously, do you think there is anything that is ever going to be a problem? Everything is about possibilities. So our language has to change to accommodate this realm that God has brought us into.

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