In the Kingdom, it’s not enough to get victory. We are learning to be overcomers and more-than-conquerors through Him who loves us. Today, we are setting the scene for battle by making war on negativity.

1. Warfare is not about what you do. It’s about who He is.

The first battleground that you face is you have to win the internal battle for your mindset […]. Set your mind on things of the Spirit, not the flesh. Don’t set your mind on things that would cause you to worry, be fearful, pressed, anxious, and so on. Read Romans 8:5-14 when you get a chance. We’ve got to stop allowing things to happen to our thinking. We have to learn to govern by what we think, [because] how we think governs our responses. It governs how we stand. It governs how we walk. We have to have a mindset that is set on who God is and the fullness and the majesty of who God is. It’s the principle thing of warfare. It’s the biggest battle. The biggest battle you face is not the one that you have out there. It’s the one that gets you out there.


2. We actively practice the mind of Christ in our thinking.

We’ve all heard teachings about the mind of Christ or thinking with the New Man. The thing is, because we’ve heard something, we think we’ve got it. But teaching has not been taught unless it’s been caught. [And] because we often exist in a passive church environment where we’ve learned to be an audience and not an army, we think that if we’ve heard something, we know it. The Bible says you don’t know it until you’ve experienced it. That’s the problem with 52 life-changing messages in a year. No one’s flipping life changes. Because there’s going to be another message in six days time. We don’t get a chance to practice the revelation in our situation. So in our personal life, it’s alwaysyour mind that is under the most attack. So that’s the place that God sets His refuge and fortress … in your thinking.


3. We win big battles with God because He’s already won the biggest war.

The joy of the Lord is a huge resource. So, what if we could all come under the pressure of being happy? Under the pressure of laughter? [In my dreams,] I’ve heard Jesus talk to the enemy on a battlefield when it was just me and Him and we were outnumbered. And He just said [to the enemy army], “Hey! Why don’t you all go off and get reinforcements? Graham and I will stay here. But seriously, this is not worth it for us. This is a small fight. We’d prefer a bigger fight. So why don’t you go off and get some reinforcements? We’ll still be waiting. It won’t change the outcome. It’ll just make it more interesting for us.” It’s like, He is so confident in who He is […] because He’s already won the biggest battle on the cross.


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