Warfare requires you to know who you are in the Kingdom at all times and to have the confidence not to compromise your oneness in Christ. A “good fight” is when we align ourselves with God’s intentions and understand the enemy’s tactics.

You have a divine advantage in Christ.

The enemy is going to make mistakes on days. When he attacks me, there is always an advantage to me. Why? Because that is who Jesus is. He turns everything on its head. He takes advantage. We are not surviving in this life. We are learning how to prosper. People used to say, “If you are going through hell, move quickly!” Jesus is the only person who went through hell and prospered because He came out and lead captivity captive. He went in by Himself; He did not come out by Himself!

Life in the Spirit is about learning to thrive, not survive. Life in the Spirit is about taking advantage of everything the enemy is doing. It is called vengeance. You see it in Isaiah 61 that Jesus promised us both favor and vengeance. What is vengeance? Vengeance is when God sets you free in an area, He does it so wonderfully that He gives you a testimony. “This is what God did for me.” Your testimony gives you automatic power and permission to go and set somebody else free from the very thing that you were victimized by.

Your testimony is actually the beginning of your ministry. .

If you do not know what you are called to, look at your testimony. What has God saved you from? What has He delivered you from? Where has He set you free from something? Well, you have a ministry now in that very same area. If you have been healed of cancer, guess what? No cancer victim is safe around you! Your testimony gives you automatic authority. Because God has done this in me, I now have freedom in this area, and I have the power of the Lord to be able to release that same freedom to anybody who has a similar problem. So your testimony is the beginning of your ministry, and every time you set someone free, that is revenge.

Here’s the deal: The enemy has to live to regret that he ever messed with you. You have to make him pay again, and again, and again. You have to rub his nose in it! So that is really what generates our kind of ambition in the Kingdom. We want to set as many people free from what we were once victimized by, so God is going to send you out. You are the perfect gift because you have the freedom, you are living in it. It is now your lifestyle. You do not need to be asking the Lord, “Is this okay?” Your testimony gives you automatic authority in the Kingdom. That is how it works. You have been set free by the power of God—you have power to set others free.

The law of life in Christ is this: A promise elevates every circumstance.

God is not content with you being an overcomer. He wants to make you into more than a conqueror. He says so right in Romans 8:37: “In all these things, we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us.” What’s it mean to be more than a conqueror? It means you do more than win. It means the enemy doesn’t even show up, because he knows it’s not worth it.

You need to find your promises. There are some things that God promised you a while back. Promises like, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” That’s intimacy. That makes you dangerous. That empowers you to overcome. Keep in mind that when it comes to our battle with the enemy, your intimacy with God is the most intimidating thing about you. It’s what gives you access to His promises that are designed to elevate a particular circumstance.

God has always owned everything, so He’s always going to show up. He’s not afraid. But the enemy is only going to pick battles he thinks he can win. God has abundance, while the devil has a budget. Satan’s counting pennies and we have a promise that the wealth of the wicked will be given to the righteous. So we’re planning to squeeze Satan’s budget even more. That’s why the enemy uses intimidation. Intimidation is cheap. It’s all hell can afford.

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