The best prayer team already lives inside us. Instead of praying panicked prayers based on fear, we have everything we need to pray with God from a place of peace, stillness, and confident joy.

As new creations in Christ, we have a great benefit in prayer.

Many of us have felt at times, “If I could just have that person pray for me, everything will be okay.”  What if that person is Jesus? The reality is that you have the most brilliant partnership imaginable with Jesus and the Holy Spirit. They are fully focused, and completely committed to praying for you and with you. 

Jesus and the Holy Spirit aren’t just praying far away in heaven for you. They are in you … imparting their peace, their confidence, and their joy in knowing that the Father always hears them. So, the central question is: What are They praying? Wouldn’t you want to pray that? It’s a pivotal truth that takes us from praying FOR an answer, to praying WITH the answer.

There are always two realities that we must deal with in life situations.

There is the physical reality of what is taking place, and the relational reality of God’s Presence. You can read about these realities in Numbers 13:25 to 14:10. One group saw the problem and were reduced to grasshoppers, not able to do anything. Another said, “God, in His pleasure, will give it to us. Our enemy is our prey. The Lord  is with us!” One group inherited the promise. The others did not.

There is always a higher level of truth than the facts.  That Truth is who God is for us! It gives us a language of trust and faith that releases rejoicing and giving of thanks. That language of rejoicing is what releases us to hear the language of heaven in our circumstances.

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