We were created with the capacity to magnify. We will either magnify the negatives, or we will choose to magnify the true nature of God. Join us for today’s episode as we answer the question:

How can I exchange negative thinking for God’s thoughts?

1. Be Fascinated with Who God Is for You

That’s why worship is so important in renewing our minds and refreshing our hearts. In worship, thanksgiving and praise, we begin to see Him as big as He really is. It’s why worship is not an option for us, it’s a necessity.


2. Make Predetermined Choices

You don’t want to choose your focus under pressure. You need to choose it from a place of rest and peace because that’s always where we see and think best. So before you get into a crisis, start thinking, “How would I handle negative circumstances, and what would be a good predetermined choice?”


3. Exercise Your Will

Exercising our will doesn’t mean we try to control our thinking. It means that we allow Him to think with the mind of Christ in us. My favorite verse here in this context is Philippians 2:13: “It is God who is at work in you both to will and to do for His good pleasure.” His good pleasure means He enjoys it. It fascinates me. He totally loves the part about changing our will and empowering us to partner with Him.


Want to learn more? Tune in to today’s podcast as we learn to EXCHANGE negative thinking for God’s thoughts and OVERCOME being double-minded.

As always, thanks for listening!