Instead of panic in battle, what if God wants you to be under the wonderful pressure of peace? We are unashamed triumphalists who have an expectation of fighting and winning with Christ, because victory is a gift from the King.

Establishing the Lordship of Jesus is the starting place for battle.

There are some key elements that we always need to keep in the forefront of our thinking. First of all, there are two kingdoms: Light and dark. There are two gods: There’s the God of Heaven, big ‘G’ as we call Him. Then there’s the god of this world, small ‘g’. There are two battles over every issue: One battle to get free, a second battle to stay free. Many of us have known people who have won the battle to get free but lost the battle to stay and abide in that freedom. 

There are two encounters with Jesus that are required for success in spiritual warfare: One of them is we have to know Him as Savior, and the other is we must know Him as Lord. A big part of our journey is establishing the lordship of Jesus in our lives because it’s not enough to be saved. Salvation is the entry point to all that God wants to be for us. It’s a fabulous entry point, but the goal is that He becomes Lord. In every life situation we face, we are exhibiting the lordship of Jesus which gives us the anointing, and the power, and the authenticity to practice that overwhelming nature of God so that we can create freedom wherever we are.

There are two ongoing experiences to practice in all circumstances.

First, it is the expectation of you being in Christ, which is about your placement. God has placed you in Christ, and in that placement you actually have encounters and experiences of grace, favor, with permission, with the whole excellence of being in Christ so that no situation is beyond you. No situation is beneath the lordship of Christ. Every situation elevates you. We believe as a community that every situation is designed to cause us to grow up into all things in Christ, and nothing is beyond us because nothing is beyond Him. This is where we practice everything in the substance of our life, Monday through Sunday.

The second thing is that Christ is in us. We are a habitation of God by the Spirit. We’re in the New Testament, we’re not in the Old one. We don’t have a visitational relationship with God so we’re not waiting around for something that will never happen like revival, which is the biggest religious myth that I know of. Why are we pinning our hopes upon an event when we have the indwelling presence of God that causes us to rise up? Revival is not mentioned in the Bible, not once. But fullness in Jesus … it never stops talking about the abundance of God, the favor of God, the fullness of God, the life of Christ, Christ in us. The expectation of glory. The language is so rich about our relationship with God and His relationship with us. That’s where the real issues of the Kingdom are, the reality of Christ within.

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