While the enemy attempts to divert our attention onto our circumstances, God places promises and provisions next to every problem we encounter. God gives us promises because they are relational, not circumstantial, and trust is always required.

Every circumstance points to our connection with God.

The thing I love about the Lord is that everything He does is totally intentional. So, He would definitely put a promise next to a problem. He would definitely make sure that every problem came with its own provision attached because that’s how He thinks. So it’s logical, therefore, to assume that He always speaks promises into our places of uncertainty.

He knows who you are. He knows your frame. He knows what you’re going through. He knows what you’re facing. He knows what is tough for you right now, and He always puts a blessing next to a crisis. He always puts promises in your places of uncertainty. He speaks to those places because He always wants to raise the low places up to a higher place of faith, love, experience, and encounter.

Every situation is meant to stimulate our faith and trust.

He is always willing to provide us with something to create trust and stimulate faith in Him. When you’re following a promise, though, you can’t dictate how it will be fulfilled. You can’t advance the timing on some things. You can only continually respond to the One who made it, and I think the best response is, “Be it unto me according to Your word.” It’s a great confession because it kick-starts the process of trusting who God is.

Here’s an important key in that: The trust describes the promise, but it does not prescribe the provision. God will just give you a promise. He won’t tell you hardly anything about the provision because the promise is everything, and because He wants you to focus on the promise above all else. Above all your circumstances, above what you think you need, and everything else.

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