What if every single circumstance of your life is an opportunity to discover more of God’s provision and intended inheritance? When you know that He has already gone before your circumstances, you can rest in a greater sense of hope, faith, and confident expectation.

We learn the rhythms of the Spirit through the circumstances of life.

Every situation we encounter tells us something about God. It also tells us something about ourselves. Your current situation is telling you something about who you are, something about who God is and, particularly, who God wants to be for you. We become people of the Spirit when we discover the nature of God in the situation in which we find ourselves. 

What if every circumstance is primarily about discovering who God is for you? What if there is something right now in your current situation that God is wanting to open up your eyes to see so that you see understand who He is in Himself? He enables you to see and to translate all of that seeing into something personal. You begin to discover, “This is what God wants to be for me in this circumstance.”

God places provision ahead of us, then walks with us so we can find it.

To put it in a New Testament context, what if every circumstance is about exercising Romans 8:28? We know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God in their situation and to those who are called according to His purpose in that situation. But many of us have been in situations that have not worked together for good. So what’s that about?

You have to know something: For things to work together for good, you have to know what God is up to. Why? Because you have to cooperate. You have to align yourself with the purpose of God in the situation in which you find yourself. You have to have an encounter with the love of God that enables you to see what He is up to. 

You know that God is always up to something. He has always got a bigger purpose than just your personal circumstances. He wants to help you in your personal circumstances, but God is so present-future in the way that He is. He stands in your present, but He is also out there in your future. He understands who you are right now, and He has grace for who you are right now, but He also sees who you are becoming. He knows the value of the situation you are in right now to enable you to become the person He sees that is emerging. 

God loves the series of steps that takes us from where we are right now to where He wants us to be.

That’s a fascinating thing about God: He always sees two versions of you, who you are now, and the person that is emerging. He loves to bring those two together so that you become the person that He is seeing. All your life events and circumstances are about that journey. 

Every circumstance is about following a particular plan that God has laid out to achieve a definite purpose. Wouldn’t you want to know what that purpose is right now in what you are in? What if the purpose of God right now is just that you find joy in who He is? What if He has no other purpose than that?

With God, it is not just about stuff. It is not just about things. It is not just about growing in faith or growing in power, but it is actually about discovering His very nature. There is a process involved because the Lord loves process.

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