Our lens is our view on life in the Spirit. It can either lead us into debilitating fear, or help us to see the Perfect Love that is always present. Join us on this week’s podcast episode as we are asking the question, “If Jesus was looking out through my eyes, how would He see this situation?”

Grace sees possibilities.

God wants to give us new lenses. He wants us to see life around us as He does. He has a lens of grace that sees what His empowering presence is capable of doing in people. He has a lens of kindness, not returning like-for-like to unkind people. His lens is possibility-focused, not problem-solving.

His lens enables us to see His majesty in a battle, which is greater than any opposition we are facing. God always sees beyond our circumstances, because our circumstances are never the problem. Our perception of our circumstances is the problem. The way God sees us isn’t just about our situations or other people. It’s about how we see ourselves too.

For example: If He sees you as a champion and you see yourself as a grasshopper, there is a disconnect.

Grace shows us who we are.

In the face of whatever is causing, or trying to cause fear and unbelief, a person looking at their circumstances through the lens of Majesty will always step into their own inheritance in the Lord. That is what happened with Caleb and Joshua. They saw the same giants as the other ten spies. They came back and they were the only two people who inherited because Caleb said, “Yeah, they are giants. That is the good news.”

This is what Caleb understood. Giants are our prey. God is with us. If you do not see a giant in the way that God is looking at it, then you will not be able to see yourself. You will look at a giant and you will see yourself diminished. You will see yourself as a grasshopper. You will be one of those people who cannot do it, who slip to the back of the crowd, who leave early before the fight finishes. That will be you.

So are you viewing your life with the same grace that God does, or are you hard on yourself? If His perspective of you is kind and gracious, then you can relax into His goodness and the elevated vision that comes with it.

Grace goes with us.

There are so many people who feel that God is annoyed or weary of traveling with them. And I’m glad to report, that is NOT how God walks with us. If that is what has seemed true to you, then get ready to be astonished by His Truth.

According to Romans 5:8, He loved you when you were a sinner who didn’t even know Him. So how could He ever adore you less now? You are His child and you’re learning what that actually means, which delights Him. Beloved, God can never be disillusioned about you, because He never had any illusions in the first place.

God’s love is not based on an ideal. It is founded on the reality of Who He is in Himself, and who we are as we’re growing and developing. It’s so important that you like what God sees in you. God knows that you’ve started this journey having learned ways that are not His ways. He isn’t going to just lecture you about that. Psalm 25:4 says, “Show me Your ways. Teach me Your paths.”

As God walks with you, He’s going to show you … not just tell you … what He is really, really like. God gives us the gift of time to see, recognize, and exchange our old ways for His higher ones. And then, He gives us time to practice until our learning becomes a lifestyle.

Want to learn more? Tune in to today’s podcast as we discover how to exchange our earthly lens for the elevated perspective of the Kingdom.

As always, thanks for listening!