1. Our placement in Jesus generates a confident expectation.

Hope is expectation, and expectation comes with an intensity of anticipation. It means: to accept something from a prime source, to be confident in your thinking, to have an upgraded trust and faith, and to have this pleasurable anticipation of God regardless of circumstances. We can move in expectation because God has located us in the One place that generates and guarantees confident expectation — He put us into Jesus.


2. The Father walks with you in the same way that He walks with Jesus.

There is a brilliant promise from God to Joshua (in Joshua chapter 1) when He said, “Just as I have been with Moses, so I will be with you.” The New Testament equivalent of that is the Father saying, “Just as I have been with Jesus, I’m going to be with you in exactly the same way.” So we can say, then, and quote Scripture to ourselves, “As He is, so am I in this world.” We are not a people waiting to get to heaven before everything gets sorted out. Jesus already sorted you out. We’re just waking up to what that really means. Just as the Father was with Jesus in His life on earth, so He plans to be with you in exactly the same way. That’s expectation.


3. Our hope is anchored in God’s unchanging nature.

God looks at you and says, “You need to understand — I don’t change. I am the same towards you on your worst day as I am on your best. […] Stop treating Me as though I’m changeable. I don’t change. I will never change. All your security and all your confidence is in the fact that I will never change the way I see you, the way I think about you, the way I talk to you, the way I feel about you, My passion for you, My will for you. My desire for you will never, ever change, and you can depend on it.”


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