Most of us have places where we feel stuck, but we’ve mistakenly thought that all the weight is on us to become unstuck. In the Kingdom, however, the responsibility for experiences with the Truth is never with us. It’s always with God.

This devotional comes from the first part of letter #7 (”An Invitation to Come Unstuck”) on page 65 in The Nature of Freedom, written from the perspective of the Father.

No situation is too challenging for God’s loving-kindness.


Your life is not how you find it. It is how I make it. I know every pitfall, every difficulty that you will face in the course of your
growing up in Me, into a place of authority, fullness, maturity, and favor.

The answer to everything is always going to be found in the Person of My beloved Son. There is no other name or way to be saved
outside of Him. There is no discipling process in the way of salvation other than by the incomparable Holy Spirit, who is your Helper, Trainer, and Comforter. No one is more imaginative than Us at creating opportunities for growth and transformation.

After all, is anything too hard for Me? Is there any situation where I cannot be magnificent towards you? I know how to deal with every eventuality. In truth, you are not much of a challenge to the power of My loving-kindness, goodness, joy, and patience.

We get stuck when we live in two covenants.

People become stuck because they have not seen what I see. They adhere to a way of thinking that has no outcome except struggle, stress, and perplexity. Mostly it occurs because people can be double-minded about the truth. They have one foot in the old covenant and another in the new, trying to reconcile both in their spiritual experience of Me.

We are very clear in Heaven that Jesus was sent to bring an end to one covenant, and introduce a better covenant by His own blood and sacrifice. One of My favorite things He preached was that the prophets and the Law spoke until the time of John. But ever since that time, the gospel of the Kingdom of God has been proclaimed and now everyone is pressing into it! Then I shouted with joy when He proclaimed, “You have heard it said… but now I say…”

It was wonderful watching Him transition My people out of one covenant and into another. We had talked for so long together about it. We had fellowshipped in Our creative imagination about the total freedom that would come to Our beloved people. I remember the Holy Spirit becoming so excited that He would get up and dance for joy around Us at the thought of helping untold billions of people adjust to Heaven while living on Earth!

Beloved, please receive Our absolute delight in you. We are overjoyed at being with you, supporting your learning, and empowering you to walk with Us, as We walk with Each Other — On Earth as it is in Heaven.

God’s indwelling presence always upgrades our thinking.

Beloved, you cannot bring old man perception, thinking, and language into a new covenant. You are a new creation. All the old has passed away — everything is different and new in Christ. When people do not know how to walk with Us, they often default to a lesser way of thinking. This can lead them into areas of stress and struggle. They are detained by an impediment in their mindset that does not allow them to proceed to a place of breakthrough.

People can try to use values and principles to find Me. We love values and principles, but they are best realized by Our indwelling Presence, not apart from an experience of Our nature. The lack of Presence causes people to ask questions and come to conclusions that are not a legitimate part of being in Christ. Wanting new, but thinking old is a sure sign that there is a blockage in the thinking process. People legitimize old thinking and turn it into an aspect of spiritual struggle, where they almost expect to be defeated and make allowances for being overcome. It is a religious-learned helplessness that can never reflect Our Majesty, Sovereignty, and Supremacy.

My child, if We are making you in Our image, then you must come up higher, so that like Us, you may see, think, speak, and act from another realm of life. We call it being seated with Christ in heavenly places.

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