You don’t have to endure your difficult circumstances. You can choose, instead, to be overwhelmed by the nature of God as you abide with Him. When we learn to stay and rest in Him first, we are renewed and restored in the waiting.

In today’s episode, we will be exploring an excerpt from The Nature of Freedom.

The Partnership of Patience and Abiding

1. A life of fullness empowers us to live above our circumstances.

You also realize that some situations cannot be resolved in a few days or a few weeks. In those circumstances, your development is part of a long-term plan to upgrade your identity and cultivate the trust, the wisdom, and growth necessary to become an overcomer. The key here is discovering just how full a life of fullness really is, because fullness of life in Christ is what allows us to live above our circumstances instead of being overwhelmed by them.


2. We’re going to be overwhelmed by something, and we get to choose.

When the nature of God is our greatest reality, when we are fully persuaded that nothing can separate us from who He is for us and to us, then we can abide in that place for as long as it takes. We’re not enduring in our circumstances. We’re not giving them all our attention. Our full focus is on being alive to Him. “Waiting on the Lord” is actively waiting with Him. It’s discovering the joy and peace in believing.


3. Patience is cultivated in the place of abiding.

[Abiding] is looking at Him and saying, “I know who You are. You’re good. You are my Peace. You are Love, and You love loving me. I know who You’ve been for me before and I’m looking for who You want to be for me in this place. I can only expect you to be good because Goodness is who You are. So I’m going to enjoy this time waiting with You, because You are so planning to enjoy this time with me.”


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