It’s been a long time coming, but I’m thrilled to announce the official launch of the Brilliant Perspectives Podcast!  (Yes, we’ve published several episodes on this site but we were not on iTunes.)

My desire is for this podcast to create a strong link between listening, thinking and becoming, enabling us to envision, imagine and create language with what we hear.  I talk more about why I’m doing it and what you can expect on the introductory episode.

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Also, feel free to listen to the latest episode (#10) discussing how God gives us the upper hand in places we have known defeat and elevates us to a higher place of victory than we have ever known.

*Or listen on iTunes here

I hope this podcast provides you with fresh inspiration, insight and development for your life with God!

PS) Attention Brilliant Community!  We could really use your help, now that the podcast is up on iTunes, we would love the podcast to rank in the new and noteables!

The thing that helps rankings the most is if you subscribe on iTunes.  (See the subscribe button under the podcast cover on iTunes. Click here.)

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Thank you so much!