It’s Wednesday morning. Theresa left early for work. I’m making the bed, thinking about the day ahead.

Suddenly there is a huge crash coming from the kitchen. A sound like shattering glass, full of impact and devastation.

Instinctively I asked the Lord, “What was that?”

What I like to call “Suddenlies,” like this one, are His domain. They always have significance and they are usually about upgrades and encounters.

I heard the Lord say in my spirit, “Your joy just fell over.”

“What?” I asked, non-plussed, my heart still beating above the average. I walked into the kitchen. I could not see anything amiss.

“Your joy just fell over.” This time I caught the laughter in His voice, felt the grin of His delight in me.

No shattered glass, nothing on the floor that should not be there. Pictures were still hanging on the walls. I stood puzzled but captivated by the huge ‘smile’ in the room.

Then I saw it. On the counter top next to the cooker, Theresa had leaned a metal sign against the splash back that had fallen over. I picked it up.

It was the word Joy in pristine stainless steel. The word felt alive.

I put it back in its original place and then flicked it over. It made that same shattering noise.

Your joy just fell over. The sign was lying on it’s front, it’s face.

A sign is a sign is a SIGN!

One of the most beautiful things that I adore about he Father is that He lives in everlasting joy. Despite all that He has to do, all that He cares for… He is happy, light-hearted and full of delight.

His sense of wonder about people is awesome to behold. He sees everyone’s potential always and speaks to it with relentless joy. He is elated when we get it and always excited about His ability to show it to us again and again until we receive.

His faithfulness and loving-kindness destroys the work of the enemy. His love for us is designed to overwhelm all that we are not.

The contagious joy of the Lord, lit by expectancy, will always overcome the shadow sickness of despondency, fear and aloneness.

He invites us to “be of good cheer,” because in the world of tribulation He has already overcome. (John 16:33)

His joy is the true source of strength. Impossible to be negative when exaltation is present.

The ultimate permission that allows us to experience heaven regardless of circumstances, is to be given the freedom to count everything as joy.

We have a license to practice joy.

In Christ, we become the authorized dealers of delight, elation, laughter and the essential oils of gladness, jubilation and happiness.

In Christ we possess a legally binding contract to become as light-hearted as He is in this world.

“Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden and I will give you rest…
Take my yoke upon you and learn from me…
For I am gentle and humble in heart…
For my yoke is easy and My burden is light.”
Matthew 11:28-30

Your joy just fell over. Flat on it’s face. I grinned. I know an invitation when I hear one.

I walked into the living room and lay flat on my face, arms and legs spread wide. I closed my eyes.

All at once, something fell on me and something rose up within me. The weight of God’s jubilant elation pressed me into the carpet as the cheery light-heartedness of Jesus rose up in me to meet His Father.

I heard the sound of something shattering. Like memories, hurts, wounds, disappointments and betrayals.

I felt the solid weight of joy and at the same time I felt buoyant. Like a cork on the ocean going where the ways of joy took me.

Your joy just fell over. I surrendered my joy for His. All that I thought I knew about joy went away. In its place, I’m learning how He feels it rather than what I understand it to be.

We are at the mercy of joy. We are vulnerable to His cheeriness. We live in His pleasure over us. We are made extraordinary by His delight in us.

I’m loving the ongoing process of discovery as I explore joy as the only viable lifestyle option in Jesus.

Something shattered in me last Wednesday morning. May you be broken also into the true nature of God. Everlasting joy.

Right now, this moment. I believe you are on the edge of a whole new experience with the nature of God. Take time out to ask Him questions about joy.

Ask for an experience… you know He will say yes and amen. He loves to give us Himself.

Everlasting joy is right here, right now. It’s not leaving.

Thanks for reading. Let me know what happens!


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