Now everyone says everything goes through Atlanta in America. Apparently if you’re an American going to heaven, you have to go through Atlanta.

I am especially fond of terminal C due to the presence of an older gentleman named Jack, who empties all the trashcans in a very systematic routine.

I remember the first time I encountered Jack. While I waiting for a delayed plane, I saw him and heard the Lord say in a delighted voice, “Just watch this guy.”

As I’m watching him, I hear him continually repeat to himself, “You don’t know Jack, I know Jack. You don’t know Jack, I know Jack.” It’s this whole routine taking place right in front of me. As I’m chuckling to myself, the Lord says, “He’s hilarious, huh? I love that boy.”

In that moment I was experiencing the delight of God. You see, delight is about enjoyment, gladness, joy, and pleasure. Its presence leaves you feeling cheerful, thrilled, and rejoicing. For me, this practice has become part of my daily life with God, and it’s been an absolute game changer for me.

God’s heart is just so full of pleasure and joy; He’s the happiest person I know. He has the sunniest disposition of anybody I’ve ever met.

God is incredible in His joy, in His pleasure, in His delights, and He delights in us.

He is constantly saying,

“Listen I delight in you. So how about you reciprocating? How about you delighting in me? Because if you learn to delight in me it’ll just open up this whole new space to you.”

What an invitation! In this space, we can learn how to make even the smallest thing a delight, taking pleasure in everything and everyone. This practice enables us to see the good, the joy, and the pleasure in everything we do and everywhere we go. We need these distinctives in our lives because they enlarge us on the inside.

The first step in this practice is turning all your delight on Jesus, learning to focus on Him and making every connection with Him a delight.

It’s exactly like He said in John 15:11:

“These things I have spoken to you so that My joy may be in you, and that your joy may be made full.”

Jesus is telling us that every time He talks to us, we can have an encounter with His joy; we can make an experience of it.

Through my experiences, like the one with Jack in the Atlanta airport, I have grown to expect that every time God speaks to me, I can feel His happiness in real and tangible ways right in that moment of connection.

Take some time today to meditate on the sheer pleasure of being with God, even now. Let a sense of wonder come over you as you ponder the realities of your life.

I pray you find a deep delight in Jesus!

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