Feeling Stuck? But what if you’re not?

What if it’s actually a brilliant opportunity to encounter God’s favor instead?

You can completely trust the God who adores you and adores the Christ in you. You already have full access to His favor.

So the question often becomes, “How do you connect with this favor?

Quick answer: Ask a good question. 🙂

My starting point in discovering God’s favor is always:

Father, what is your highest good for me in this situation?

This question elevates me to a place of looking for how Heaven is going to be attracted to me because Jesus is in me. Not to mention, it reminds me of the favor I have in every situation.

Favor is a growing focus on our privilege in Christ.

It is concentrating on the fact that God wants us to grow up in Christ in all things. This means there is going to be a continuous promotion in the Spirit, from the level where you’re at now to the level where God really sees you.

Favor is God’s divine advantage to provide everything we need for our development and a demonstration of His intentional bias towards us. Each of us is His favorite!

It is where we are esteemed, approved, and accepted by God Himself and we revel in it.

Favor overwhelms us with who God is for us. We feel magnificent, wonderful and a hundred feet tall.

Beloved, in the kindest possible way, many of us could stand to have an upgrade in understanding our Divine advantage.

Perhaps the enemy or life has blurred your focus and you don’t see yourself as God sees you. We can reconnect at any time to the level of favor that God has focused on the Christ in you. That connection brings acceleration, redeeming the time—so nothing is lost.

It’s time for us to move and to run, for us to stand and stake a claim for our own significance and to no longer feel irrelevant. It’s time to stop allowing the negative to stop us and to prosper in our circumstances even if they are against us.

It is our time to upgrade our focus in how we see, think and talk about our circumstances. Whether they are for us or against us, FAVOR is always present.

I’ll always be looking for where God’s favor is present and I invite you to do the same. No matter what your circumstances say, expect God’s favor to be present.

And remember, the real evidence of your favor is that in every situation, you are becoming more like Jesus.

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