A huge part of our journey with God is engaging with each other’s questions. Healthy dialogue has a way of creating space for us to discover more of who God is and who we are in Him.

I personally LOVE getting questions. Perhaps that’s why one of my favorite aspects of the Brilliant TV community is the monthly Q&A mentoring class! We encourage the BTV community to ask me anything on our voicemail service and comment feeds. And every couple weeks, I shoot a Q & A video answering some of the questions members had been asking.

Normally, the video above would only be accessible to BTV members. But today, I thought I would share this one with the wider Brilliant community!

A few questions I answer in this video:

  1. What is the HOLINESS of God and how can I EXPERIENCE it more?
  2. What is the balance between living in the grace for a day while being content and present in the NOW and maintaining healthy FUTURE expectations?
  3. I’m 53 years old; WHY am I just getting this revelation of how to live with the UPGRADES?
  4. Where do you GO when the church says, they don’t want you, especially if you are experiencing a lot of personal transformation?

If interested in hearing my thoughts on these matters, you can watch the full Q&A video above!

PS) Again, this Q&A is typically reserved only for BTV members. Join Brilliant TV to engage in plenty more of these Q&A’s and much more! Plus, we’re offering a 7 day free trial. 😉

PPS) Also, if you’re a church leader of any kind, I’d love to get your answers to this quick survey! I’m increasingly intrigued with the idea of helping local leaders create real transformation for their people and am trying to determine just how to best do so. Take the survey here!