This month we have been focusing a lot on permission and favor. Why?  Because these subjects go hand in hand.  Embracing your favor means understanding you also have permission; and understanding you have permission means acknowledging your favor with God.  I call that a win/win! 

The thing I love about the Lord is that His goodness, faithfulness and love never end. They NEVER END!  He looks at you as a much loved child, and so He actually loves to dote His favor on you.  

Every month at Brilliant we give away a free download of a teaching that I believe will start you on a road of renewed thinking and this month that message is Favor As You’ve Never Heard It.   


Favor is the combination of your identity, your inheritance, your promises, and your destiny all coming together in one place. We expect favor in all of our circumstances. Why? Because we are the people who are looking for the majesty of God to erupt on the Earth!


 When you step through that doorway of favor and permission, you are actually reaching for your true identity as a son or daughter of the Most High.  You are accepting that inheritance and standing on new ground.  

 Every piece of your identity carries with it its own favor, its own permission, its own provision, its own anointing. Identity is who you are in God regardless of circumstances. It doesn’t matter what is against you. It only matters who is for you. 





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