Every person wants to be free—and in Christ, true freedom exists. But does our understanding of “freedom” align with His? What are the signs of alignment and the indicators of non-alignment with His true nature of freedom?

If we are not aligned with God’s true nature of freedom, we live with a sense of fear.

We’re afraid of losing what makes us feel secure, so we hold tightly to our resources and try to control people and situations around us.

In non-alignment, we’re captive to the negatives of Isaiah 61:1-3.

There’s a poverty of mind and spirit. Our broken hearts remain wounded and our spirits heavy. We repeat our stories of being burned, and our ashes as proof of why we can’t believe again. Freedom may be right in front of us, but we don’t have the eyes to see it.

But the good news is: God’s true nature of freedom came to set you free instead. (And remember, if you identify with any of the signs of non-alignment, God doesn’t do shame or blame. It simply means there is an amazing encounter with the God of Freedom just ahead.)

In a word, alignment with Freedom looks like health.

  • Our broken hearts are healing and healed from His unconditional love.
  • His proclamations of our freedom are changing how we see and think.
  • When He’s offered comfort, we’ve received it.
  • We handed Him our ashes and marveled at the beauty He returned.
  • We chose to praise His unchanging faithfulness and are being strengthened and rebuilt.

When we’re in proper alignment with the true nature of God, there is no fear of losing our freedom because we know it doesn’t depend on people or circumstances.

We’re living in the truth that the one who the Son has set free is free indeed. We are not only experiencing the freedom of the Lord, we’re passionate about giving it to others. We leave everyone responsible for their own life in God and cheer them on.

We’re lavishly generous because God has been so free in His giving towards us.

So what has been your experience of God’s freedom so far? And what are you looking forward to it becoming?

Because it’s not just about what we’re being freed from. It’s about what you are now free to become in Christ.

Every aspect of our freedom was accomplished by Jesus at the cross. All of us are in the process of discovering just how great a salvation it is and how much freedom there can be.

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