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Receiving the Gift of Unchanging Presence.

(The video above is last week’s mentoring episode on Brilliant TV, but we wanted to share the love this Christmas by making it available to the entire Brilliant Community.)

Could the greatest gift you receive this Christmas be an upgrade in how you see Jesus and who He is for you?

Jesus is the gift of the Father that brings us into a marvelous place of sonship. In this place, we have a Savior who delivers us from sin, a Redeemer who rehabilitates our lifestyle, and a great high Priest who totally understands our human weakness.

Jesus is the door into a powerful place of personal engagement with God because He is our new man.

By receiving the gift of His unchanging presence, you can partner with God’s absolute nature and live in the fullness of who He is for you.

As you celebrate Christmas, enjoy the video above to receive the gift of His unchanging presence and encounter His lovingkindness.

Merry Christmas from all of us at Brilliant!