This episode is from the first volume of “Regenerate,” our latest series on Brilliant TV. In each of these, Graham delivers a message that is meant to be unpacked and processed with God over the course of a month, and which includes a Crafted Prayer, a Prophetic Word, a list of Scripture Promises to use, and an Activation Advice prompt. It’s the full deal, wrapped up in one awesome package.

The full message from this volume of Regenerate, and the rest of the Regenerate Series, can be found on BrilliantTV.com

A few key takeaways you’ll encounter in the podcast today, to meditate on and explore with the Lord in the days ahead: 


    • In Jesus you are yoked to the unchanging beauty of how God sees you in his Son.
    • The mind by itself will never be able to upgrade the heart, but rather, it is truth lived in the heart that upgrades the mind.
    • Heart always has precedence over mind, because your heart is the inner man of the spirit. God impacts the heart and thus creates an expectation in the mind.
    • God’s nature, who He really is and what He is actually like, must become our inner kingdom. This becomes our sacred secret place, where we are always covered, always secure, always ready for any part of life; in Him.

You can find the full message of today’s featured segment from “In Christ We’re Bound to God’s Natureby clicking here!


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