God is unchanging. The Bible says He is the same yesterday, today and forever. His story is about demonstrating His character and nature towards you. And it is relentless.

In the clip below, I share a story about a time when I was intentionally living in disobedience. I knew what the Father wanted, but I was choosing to ignore the process. And I was missing a lot of opportunities to be made in His image. 

And you know what? The Lord didn’t come down and demand repentance and obedience. He told me He was going to show me His kindness. Day in and day out, He was relentlessly kind to me. It was incredibly annoying! I was choosing to ignore the process, but He didn’t change. Everyday, His kindness shown to me. Until it got to a point I couldn’t handle it anymore. 

I thought I deserved to be punished for my choices, but He had already punished Jesus on the cross, why would He punish me? And then I got it. 

And this has been a foundational key in my life since, whatever God is, He is relentlessly. He is always showing us His true nature and character. The Lord is always going to be Himself, regardless of who you choose to be.

I love that about Him. I hope you enjoy today’s clip.

This clip is from Episode 3 of “Story & Journey”. For more check out Brilliant TV .