Dare to Say

2014 has been a very busy year so far, and in all that busyness, it is easy to forget to pursue our passions and meet the goals we’ve set. Now that we are almost halfway through the year, this seems like a perfect opportunity to sit down and reassess where we are heading and get back on track with pursuing our dreams!

As Radical Permission Part 1 gets nearer and nearer, we at Team Brilliant have been feeling like the best way to reassess our goals is to look at our own personal permissions to both renew our focus or the year and to prepare for the inevitable upgrade that will come with being in attendance at Radical Permission.

So, these are the questions we ask ourselves:

  • What has God given me permission to do that I haven’t done yet?
  • Am I waiting on God to go after what I want? What is holding me back?
  • Am I giving myself permission to step into uncharted territory in both my personal life and in my spiritual life?

Graham says in Permission Granted, “Everything  in Christ isn’t ‘maybe,’ it isn’t ‘possibly,’ it’s “YES” and “AMEN.” You just have to say YES in return. Dare to say yes to who the Father says you are. Dare to live up to your fullest potential; own your identity in the Kingdom.

Remember, one of your first permissions is to do what makes your heart joyous. If that is gardening, or dancing, or writing or any number of things, give yourself permission to do them. Whatever is in your heart, God has put it there. And besides, if you allow yourself the time to do what makes you happy, you are going to be more open to fulfilling who you are meant to be in the Kingdom.

God has put a call on your life; you were born for a purpose. Trust in Him. Trust that He will provide everything you need for your journey. Trust that He will be cheering you on for the entire journey. Trust that He is saying YES to your wildest dreams. Dare to have an unyielding faith that allows you to pursue them!

Even if change seems terrifying, even if it seems impossible, start with small steps and remember that God wants you to take Him for granted. He wants you to take full advantage of His graciousness and kindness. Even if you fail at something, God is there to comfort you when you fall, so start towards it.

Set aside a small amount of time, whenever you can, to chase your passions, to follow God’s plan. Remind yourself every day that there is something greater out there for you if you can just agree with God and have the courage to listen, to step out, and go after it!