Questions for Discovery & Growth

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Questions that the Lord is Asking us to Maintain Relationship, Trust, Faith and Favor!

  • Do you believe what I believe about you in this situation?


  • Did you know that My plan is to make you as amazing as Me – How about we use this difficulty to upgrade your life?


  • Jesus took away everything that was wrong about you.  Therefore, I can only see what is missing from My Presence in you.  Would you like to ask Me for what I see, that you need?


  • I love impossible situations, why don’t you let me into yours?


  • Beloved, if faith works by love, then surely you need an upgrade in My love for you so that you can believe properly?  Why not ask for that?  What can you believe for you?


  • When will you learn peace?


  • Your circumstances can never define you.  They can only describe the upgrade that belongs to you in Christ.  What does that look like for you in this situation?


  • I am making war on all your negativity – whose side are you on?


  • Jesus has dealt with your sin once and for all.  He that is dead is free from sin.  I am only establishing the righteousness of the new man in Jesus.  Would you like to join Me by changing your focus?  What are you learning now?


  • I put Christ into you so that I could treat you like Him; what would that look like for you in this circumstance?


  • Your life situations are the classroom that I use to teach you about Myself, the Kingdom, and your place in it.  What is the lesson in this circumstance?


  • In Christ, you have found favor in My eyes.  Would you like to ask Me about the favor set aside for you in this present scenario?


  • Is your mind hostile towards Me or are you open to learn?


  • In the Kingdom, every problem comes with a promise and a provision attached to it.  Using the problem wisely, what can you see now, and move towards, that was not possible before?


  • You can only love Me because I always first love you!  Would you like to receive love right now?  Ask with a smile.


  • All of Heaven is attracted to Jesus in you.  That means Christ in you is a magnet for blessing.  Would you like Me to teach you the Law of the Spirit of Life that is in Christ Jesus?  Are you ready to play Kingdom rules?

Questions We Ask of the Lord

  • Who/What do You want to be for me now?
  • What does this situation mean for our relationship? What must I do to partner with You?
  • If Jesus were actually living in me, how would He handle this situation?
  • If Jesus were looking out through my eyes how would He see this situation?…this person?…this battle?
  • How would the Holy Spirit turn this problem into His opportunity?
  • What are you growing in me at this time?
  • How does this situation upgrade my position in the Spirit? Who am I becoming in Christ?
  • How is the favor of God working to my benefit through this situation?
  • If I believe what God is saying to me now, what are the outcomes for me at this point in my life?
  • If God believes this about me, what are the implications for Him in walking it out with me?
  • Is a new level of faith and favor opening up to me in God’s relationship with me? What am I believing God for in this opportunity?
  • What aspect of God’s goodness is challenging me at this time, and where do I need that to show up in this situation?
  • Which Fruit of the Spirit would be most beneficial for me in: this situation? With this person? For this part of the journey?
  • What new freedom must I explore now?
  • What is God’s truth in this situation setting me free from? And what new freedom must I explore now?
  • What is this situation making me unlearn?
  • What new truth/belief is God replacing in my life?
  • What promise and/or provision does this situation point me towards?
  • What new mindsets/lenses should I be viewing this situation through?
  • What is this situation teaching me about my destiny? About who I am? And about who I want to become?