Our current situation requires wisdom, but even more it yearns for Presence. Stillness and meditative prayer allows us to experience both, through the word coming alive in our spirit.

Meditation leads us to God and the permission of His heart. Learn to be in the question peacefully with God. Let the Holy Spirit teach you how to abide. Turn inwardly and rest; wait patiently… He will come. When your heart gets restless, turn to worship. When the interior atmosphere settles, return to listening.

Write down initial thoughts but do not pursue them just yet. Do not be distracted by what you hear initially. Set it aside; come back to it later.

When first entering a lifestyle of meditation, take care to ease into it slowly.


Can we do this exercise together today?

Read the above paragraph again. What is the big question you have in your life right now that you need wisdom about? Keep it in your heart as you press into stillness and into His Presence.