“Beloved, no criticism, some of us in this room could stand to have an upgrade in our personal spiritual significance. You should be more significant than you are as a person. The reason you’re not significant, I think, is that the enemy has blurred your focus. You don’t see yourself as clearly as God sees you, but we can get all that back because of who God is. He can redeem time. He can do anything. If I had a prophetic prop right now it would be a bottle of ketchup because we’re all playing catch up. We’re all playing catch up in the Spirit right now.

It’s time for us to move. It’s time for us to run. It’s time for us to stand and stake a claim for our own significance. It’s time for us to stop being irrelevant. It’s time for us to stop seeing the negative and allowing it to stop us. It’s time for us to prosper in our circumstances even if they are against us. It’s time to use everything that’s coming against us. It’s time for us to change the focus of how we see things, how we think about things, and how we talk about things and how we’re living things. Favor does all of that for us.

I’m choosing favor. No matter what my circumstances say and I will stand in favor so that my circumstance is the one that has to change. Either I’m going to change or my circumstances change or both. Both are good but the evidence of my favor is not just my circumstances changing. The evidence of my favor is that I am more quickly becoming like Jesus.

Training in favor is about correcting an imbalance in us and our lifestyle. That’s why we need to relentlessly apply favor. It’s like when you have a black wall and you’re painting it with white paint. It needs more than one coat. Favor is applying. It needs to be relentlessly applied until something changes, you especially. Take it as a given that you’re going to change.

God is relentless about everything. It’s time to join Him in that attribute. Favor requires persistence. Another thing that training in favor does, it builds your stamina. Scripture says, “Be not weary in doing well.”

Build your stamina. Your focus will determine your level of power and influence in the time to come. Whatever has the capacity to keep your attention, good or bad, has power and influence over you.”

 – This excerpt is from Graham’s teaching The Favor Series.  Get your copy of this 8 part series on CD or to download today for $40 CD / $32 MP3.