Who are we really, in our placement in Jesus and what are we portraying to the world around us?

We have learned to view ourselves in our current state rather than our standing in Jesus, focusing on current circumstances, problems, and even trials.

Yet God intends for us to view ourselves as He sees us in Christ.

He gives us a standing in life founded on the reality of who we are because of our placement in Jesus.

When we live from this place, we have numerous opportunities to reveal who the Father is.  Just as Jesus said,

“He who has seen me has seen the Father.” (John 14:9)

Our standing in Him empowers our confession in all that God wants to be for us and all that He wants to do for us.

It elevates our perspective of who we really are, and connects us to our divine advantage in Him.

To hear an extensive confession of who you are in Jesus, watch the clip above.

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