I am going to share a beautiful testimony today that really spoke to me deeply.  You can just HEAR her voice and her heart in these words.. The gratitude and joyfulness is REAL!  This wasn’t the story of a person who got sick and sick and sicker, this is the story of a person who felt physically like something was off, who asked the Lord for help, persevered and literally stepped out in faith (taking walks in her driveway, no less!)  Her pure delight in being a greeter at Graham’s Radical Permission event is contagious. I am so grateful that people like this are part of our Brilliant Community.

Enjoy Charlotte’s Brilliant Story… 

“At the beginning of May, 2014, I became aware of an illness that came upon me within a very short period of time.  Within a few days I began to struggle for breath. The more I tried to keep my airway open the worse it got. Within a few days, I was in for the fight.

I couldn’t breathe deeply or blow through the nose or mouth.  I spent two and a half days resting in His arms not knowing if I was going to come through.  All I could think was His name. Finally I got more air. I still couldn’t breathe deeply or do much but I could move a bit more before I got winded.

Now the Bellevue Conference was coming up and I had told the Lord I wanted to go and if He wanted me to go, I needed to draw on His strength.  The way was prepared. A member of my TWC team was picking me up at my door and the room was set up. I started walking, a few minutes a day up and down the driveway. The first day I was exhausted.

The next evening we did it again and the Lord gave me some strength.  Same walk but not exhausted, just tired. Hope started to fill me. The third day, I left for Bellevue.  Up at 6 AM, the drive, all the walking in the hotel and leadership meeting that evening. I was in bed and asleep by 8:30 PM but not exhausted, just a good tired.  How I thanked Him.

The next day Allison did TWC training and then the conference started that night.  I was volunteering as a greeter. It is one of the best jobs ever and the Lord gave me the absolute JOY of greeting and hugging every person who entered. His Love just poured through me.  I was standing in His Glory and Majesty greeting His beautiful, wonderful, amazing children. I was overcome with gratitude and passion for my King.

The next day I was delighted again to greet everyone during the soaking time and don’t you know that the Holy Spirit poured on me also.  He just makes me laugh.

Saturday, Graham finished Radical Permission – what was to me the purest, clearest, urgent message I had ever heard.  We were blessed beyond measure. We said our goodbyes and got ready for the Warrior Eagle’s lunch.

Most of the Warrior Eagles and some of the Northern Lights members joined together for a perfect ending to an already delightful day.  We were able to break bread, share and just visit. What joy for me. Oh I would have despaired had I not seen the hand of the Lord in the land of the living.

After lunch another member drove me all the way home.  I was and am so blessed. My cup overflows with joy and love for my God and King and my best friend.

This past week I have regained my full strength and joy.  Better than before. Now isn’t that just like Him?”

– Charlotte A.