A promise from God is a cast-iron guarantee. When a promise is given, the Holy Spirit is given with it. And He becomes our tutor to school us in response and faith.

However, a promise must be fully received before it can be entered into and realized in full.

Firstly, the promise must be studied and fully understood.

Ask yourself: What is God saying? Are there any obvious conditions that need to be fulfilled?

The Holy Spirit will help, as it is given to us to establish us in God’s grace. Grace is the empowering Presence of God to enable us to enjoy the process of development and ensure that all necessary conditions are met.

All personal promises are conditional, whether those conditions are implied or stated. We are all in Christ, learning to be Christ-like, and loving the learning! Therefore…

Promises are given in order to increase Presence.

That means promises are relational. They enhance our fellowship with the Godhead. They create opportunities for advancement.

There is a quickening spirit attached to them; a righteous shortcut to transformation, an accelerated but somewhat irregular way of doing something profound.

Our normal lifestyle routines of walking in the Spirit—thanksgiving, rejoicing, prayer, daily devotion, trust and the delightful influence of righteousness —are all empowered by the holiness of the Holy Spirit. He is our joy and peace in believing, and the beauty of unceasing, unfailing love that consistently elevates us to the status of being the Beloved of God.

A promise is a particular part of a whole covenant come to life.

It carries all the weight of the Father’s commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ. By putting us into Christ, the promise is made as much to Jesus as it is to us. That is why when Jesus (whoever lives to make intercession for us) prays before the throne, he is petitioning the Father for the promise on our behalf. He is joyfully reminding His Father that: “You said” and “You promised.”

As we join with Him in prayer, our hearts become aligned in obedience and cooperation.

By these promises we become partakers of the Divine Nature.

Adherence to the promise makes us like Jesus.

And becoming like Jesus triggers the fulfillment of the promise.

There is no doubt that promises are God’s way of elevating our relationship with Him. Being in Jesus is a state of exalted spirituality that makes our life become of inestimable value in the Kingdom.

We are priceless. We are cherished. We are His Beloved.

There is a bond between the Father and the Son that is glorious—we are included in that place and relationship. That bond is made glorious by the Holy Spirit who makes us in the image of Christ.

Our spirituality is not earthbound, but heavenly.

Promises exalt us to the place that God has set aside for us in Christ. They are guarantees of God’s intent. They release us to all the possibilities of becoming the men and women that God sees when he looks at us in Christ.

So today, take a few moments to reflect on His promises. Take notice as they transform you.


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