No matter what situation you are currently in, you have the permission and the power to take control and make something BRILLIANT happen.

That is what Kingdom living is all about, and it is something that Graham has dedicated a number of resources to.

This month at the Brilliant Book House site, you can check out The Brilliant Influence Collection, a combo that includes the CD teachings Brilliant Leadership and Brilliant Mentorship.

These resources have helped thousands of people over the years connect with the courage and focus needed to meet their God-given destiny. Check out this review about Brilliant Mentorship:

Brilliant Mentorship is the message that keeps on giving over the years. Each year I re-listen to this CD always finding something new to define my journey. It has helped me define various transitions and the reinvention of myself for what I am stepping into next. I feel it’s been a vital message to help me explore favor and my horizon. One of my absolute favorites!

There are amazing things waiting for you in the future. Through mentoring that promotes Kingdom thinking, you can see your destiny more clearly than ever before!

So if you’re eager to be a more positive influence to those around you, or simply to have a better understanding of your own story and journey, The Brilliant Influence Collection is a must. Listen to another clip from this series here and see what it stirs up within you!

What parts of your life require renewal or reinvention? How can you move from being a follower to a leader? How do you intend to take the lead rather than bringing up the rear? We love to hear your thoughts and stories, so leave them in the comments!