There is no movement without tension.

If you’re sitting in your La-Z-Boy watching the Super Bowl and you have a cup of coffee there by your right hand, when you reach out to pick up the cup of coffee your hand has to be tensed—otherwise you can’t get a grip on that cup. What is true in the natural is true in the spirit. In order for us to get a grip on the next part of our identity, and our destiny, and our inheritance, there has to be a necessary tension amongst us.

Tension doesn’t mean there’s something wrong. It means there’s something happening.

Let’s begin to examine the stress or tension because of the reasons that surround it, not deal with it in isolation. Let’s deal with it in the context of what’s changing and what’s emerging.

What we need to do in those circumstances is to make sure that the tension does not become a friction. So we need more of the oil of the Holy Spirit on the moving parts so that we can progress and process this next phase of our transformation.

Try this…

Next time you come into a situation where tension is present, ask yourself questions like these: “What’s happening here? What’s changing? What is God moving us into? What’s the dimension we’re coming out of? What’s the dimension we’re entering? What does that look like?


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