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Living on a Higher Place

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The Bridge From Concept To Reality

There’s always a gap from concept to reality in any area of our lives. When we initially hear transformational truth, we often respond with joy. But our initial positive reaction is not a guarantee that the seed taking root in our lives will bear mature fruit (Matthew 13:20-21).

How many great conferences have we gone to where we have been genuinely touched, but months later we remain unchanged because our breakthrough lacked followthrough?

The sessions may have led to a “mountaintop experience,” but that is not how God designed us to live. As I wrote about extensively in my first book, Joyful Intentionality, transformation is a relational process with God that occurs as we travel and requires our passionate participation.

Identity often has one of the widest chasms of truth between how we see ourselves and how God sees us. There will be things that you thought to be true that are not actually the truth about who God really is and who you really are. Those discoveries leave missing pieces that God delights in filling. There are places where we need to unlearn lessons from our history and exchange them for seeing the life God has always envisioned. These are the occasions that the Holy Spirit looks forward to because He loves His job as our brilliant Teacher, Helper, and Comforter.

This book is a tool for you to discover the truths that span the gaps in your true identity so that you gain the clear lenses necessary to see the image of yourself that God does. It is a bridge for you to cross that will take you from biblical concepts you may have heard into the living reality of your identity as heaven sees you. Far too often, we’ve read books that told us what our identity in Christ should be, but we’ve missed the tangible tools to establish the truth in our daily experience. Either the learning was all conceptual or we were handed a one-dimensional how-to manual. Many times, we know the right answers, but having it become the way we perceive, think, speak, and act remains elusive.


Allison is my friend and creative partner. Together, and with significant others, we have spent thousands of hours excitedly and joyfully in a Kingdom dialogue that transcends normal, usual life by imagining, dreaming and focusing visually, mentally, emotionally and spiritually on who God is and what He is like for us and to us!

This book is a product of the story that Allison and I have been on individually and in team. It’s been a journey of walking these truths through impossible scenarios that have not only produced personal freedom but also created a map for others to follow.

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