Today’s clip with Graham is both heavy and beautiful. It’s not heavy in a negative sense, but in weighty truth.

It touches right down on the magnificent Love of our God, and drives home some of the splendorous truths and implications of His Love. Father’s Love is so massive and unworldly, there’s more to it than can ever be described. We will forever be in awe and wonder at how great and marvelous He is.

Enjoy this piece that just begins to describe and unpack the qualities of God’s immense love, from Graham’s moving series, “Uncommon Love.”





Beloved, you will never have a time or place in life in which the requirement to perform will usurp the benediction of His love and grace. You are in because He put you in, and He doesn’t take away His love, nor does He change.


You are extravagantly and incomprehensibly loved. So live in it, without fear, and without apology. You deserve His love in Christ, because of all Jesus has done for you.

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