I strongly believe that we are in a major shift, where we will leave behind merely explaining who God is and begin proclaiming His true nature, His acts and His glory.

God doesn’t need to be explained. He needs to be lauded.

He needs to be worshipped with abandon and proclaimed with passion by a people who have been loved outrageously by Him and therefore, who love outrageously in return. A people who will shout out who He really is and what He’s really like.

His Good News is the best news of all.

In a world consumed by heartache, pain and bad news, ambassadors of the Kingdom of God can offer the Good News of who God really, really is.

Many people—Christian and pre-Christian—have a wrong view of God. They see Him through a variety of lenses, shaped and clouded by poor experiences and unfortunate histories in life and often in church…places that have not accurately reflected the beauty and majesty of His presence, His kindness and His goodness.

It’s important that we capture and are captivated by the image that God wants to sow in our hearts.

What we think about God is the single most important thing in our spiritual journey.

Our image of God will drive every single part of our life and declare how we show up in the world. Do we live a life of faith, boldness, conviction and passion? If we don’t, then the missing piece is very often who we see God to be and how we think of Him because of that.

People who are doubtful about who God wants to be for them and what He wants to do in partnership with them, are perfectly positioned to discover something new, glorious and wonderful. After all, “wonderful” is one of His names!

I wonder how many of us have lost—or maybe never had—that intimate knowledge of God as our Father?

He wants to be, and must be, the most important thing in the world.  We are emotionally and spiritually shaped by the image of God that we carry in our hearts and minds.

He loves us.
He enjoys us.
His is faithful and unchanging, regardless of our response to Him.
He is kind, gentle and always good.
His patience is astonishing.
His joy is powerful and sustaining.
He is peace itself, living in us as the Prince of Peace.
He is our Healer, our Teacher and our Comforter.

He is deeply personal with us, all while being the Almighty God of the entire universe.

How we see and think about who God is— and who God is in us, for us and through us will impact every area of our lives.

What has shaped your image of the nature of God? And is it time for a higher perspective?

Are you entering a new phase of your journey with God? Then, it’s definitely time to upgrade your perception of His true nature.  Every new place requires us to upgrade our understanding of His true identity, so that we will be able to better see our own.

Find the scriptures that celebrate who God is and read them aloud this week.

Write out your thanksgiving of who He really, really is… and who He has been to you in your journey with Him—just as David did in so many of his Psalms.

Share with us who you have encountered Him to be—and who you’re excited to become next because of that.

Thanks for being part of our brilliant community!

PS) If you are interested in deepening your personal experience of God’s nature, be sure to check out my book, The Nature of God.