How we are known in heaven is our true identity in Christ. Having it become our reality on earth is our process of discovery with God.

The Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit long for you to see the image of yourself that They have always seen – and learn the truths and tools for it to become your everyday experience.

I’m delighted to announce that my friend and creative partner, Allison Bown, has designed a brilliant 5 day journey that will help you unlock and experience your true identity in Jesus!

In this 5 day relational process, you will receive a daily email with a key perspective and activation to help you experience who God really is and in turn, who you really are!

This experience will look at 5 powerful questions:

1. When God looks at me, what does He see?

2. How can I see the image of me that God sees?

3. Why does our true identity require a process of development?

4. What is the greatness that God has deposited in you?

5. What does God see in me that I don’t see in myself?

These Identity Keys will help you to better understand your current thinking and open the door to a joyful, transformation encounter with the God who adores you. They will give you tools to process your true identity from His perspective and expand your understanding of who He has always imagined you to be.

Join us for this adventure towards who you really are in Christ!

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PS) By the way, this 5 day journey is FREE! Click here to learn more and sign up now!

PPS) You can also learn more about how God sees you in Allison’s latest book, The Image, available at Brilliant Book House. To order your copy click here!