We need to learn to think from that place of fullness and favor. We also need to learn how to pray from a place of fullness and favor, because when we learn to think and pray from that place then we start to expect the favor of God in our lives and in our circumstances.   

I really believe that the Lord wants us to dream without limits and to think beyond our needs.  And because we don’t need to pray for something that God has already said we can have, we need to learn how to proclaim that we have it. That kind of proclamation attacks negativity. It banishes it.

So what do you have when you believe that your favor is covered by God’s grace; that God wants you to dream big and has given you permission to proclaim your favor confidentially?

You have the ingredients for a renewed mind!

Beloved, you can not be separated from the favor of God! Favor is who you are in Jesus, regardless of your circumstances.  Is it not only possible but it is essential that you take a hold of God’s favor over you and use that knowledge to allow Him to upgrade of your identity, your destiny, and your relationship with Him.