God has a vision of you that is unchanging. New Testament prophecy speaks to that image of you. It is spoken through the context of the Gospel of Grace, with words of encouragement, exhortation, and comfort. The heart of New Testament prophecy is not about predicting the future or revealing hidden secrets, but about speaking life, hope, and love into others.

1. The Kingdom is full of paradoxes.

The New Testament contains a greater paradox of language than the Old Testament. A paradox is two opposing ideas contained in the same truth. So for example: You have to be last to be first. Paradox. You have to give to receive. Paradox. You have to die to live. Paradox. The church is a body and a building. Can’t get more paradoxical than that. A building is rigid, inflexible, unmovable. Aren’t you glad? But a body is fluid and flexible, always moving and changing. So the issue for us in a paradox is not “either or.” It’s “both and.”


2. Prophecy declares your identity in Christ.

God has a way of looking at you that will never change. He sees who you are in Jesus. He put you into Jesus so He could have a great opinion of you. He put you into Jesus so that He could relate to you in exactly the same way that He relates to Jesus. This is called, “Good News.” Right? He has a vision of you that’s unchanging. He knows who you can become. Prophecy declares to you, “This is how you are known in heaven.”


3. Heaven knows who you are.

In Luke chapter 1, Zechariah has just finished his shift in the temple […] and Gabriel comes to talk to Zechariah and give him a prophetic word about his son who is not even born. Not only is he not even born yet, he’s not even conceived yet. […] Not only that but his mother can’t conceive. His mother, Elizabeth, is barren. Yet here is Gabriel saying, “You will have a son and you will call his name John. And this is what he will do.”


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