In this episode we’ll wrap up the theme of “Joy” that we’ve been on for the past few weeks. We feature a prophetic word that Graham gave on Brilliant TV, our online mentorship community, about joy.

Receiving truth in teaching format is very helpful. Receiving it as a prophetic word is another angle that enhances and increases our understanding and assimilation of truth. There’s a lot of good nuggets in this one. Don’t be overwhelmed. Allow the Holy Spirit to highlight some things to you. Catch the items that stand out and remember those.

God can do a lot in us and in our journey with just a few key truths. Here’s a handful of highlights you can expect:

+ If you hold on to joy with God, your trials will diminish in size and joy will build.
+ Joy can accomplish things that fearful, reactionary prayers may never achieve.
+ You can be free by His grace from your thoughts oppressing you, and from any influence of the world, the flesh and the devil on your mind.
+ The Father wants to put joy and gladness into dry areas of your heart. 


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