We all have issues and battles in our lives that we either want to overcome, or are in the process of overcoming.  I really believe that there is a stillness, a resilience and a consistency that come with an overcoming mentality. You have to have your eyes fixed on the prize; focused ahead on getting through whatever you are facing.  All overcoming stems from the joy and peace in believing that better things lie ahead of you.

When you lose that joy and that peace, you are waging war from within; fighting two battles.  The battle to overcome your obstacle, and the inner battle with negativity. I believe that is the first obstacle you have to conquer; your own negativity.  Negativity about the world around you, your negativity about the Lord, the Kingdom… Negativity that involves unbelief, doubt…

You have to wage that war first, before you can even think about overcoming any other battle.

“Negativity, procrastination, doubt, fear, anxiety, anger, resentment, bitterness, passivity, unbelief and resignation give the enemy so many tools and weapons to create havoc.

A believer that is so undermined becomes a Trojan horse.”


Beloved, when we speak about overcoming negatives, we can only do so by talking about what replaces them.

I believe this is where peace and rest come into play.  The stillness of the Lord and acquiring a Christ-like mindset through joy and thanksgiving can be a remarkable antidote to negativity.  The encouragement we receive from others and the love we get from the Father are paramount to establishing a heart and mind that can not be shaken by negative self-talk.

“The brilliant thing about life in the Spirit is that we are in Christ partaking of His overcoming nature. Therefore, we fight from victory not towards it. We can go into our circumstances knowing that victory is the outcome because because Christ has already won.”


What challenges are you facing right now?

Remember, in Jesus overcoming is a given. It’s not a question of will I overcome, it is a question of HOW.