Rest allows us to make powerful choices.  Every day, we have the opportunity to choose what we will receive: peace or worry?  Perfect love or fear?

Of course, the choice is not always that apparent and circumstances can come upon us quickly.  But the Holy Spirit is a genius at preparing us to respond according to our true, new nature in Christ.

Peace is God’s gift to us in Christ.  We don’t strive for it.  Our role is to not be pulled out of it.

An excellent starting point for a lifestyle of rest is to make predetermined choices.

Don’t wait until a crisis presents itself.  We can practice our peace every day as we move through our lives.  In our times of devotion, we can write a simple crafted prayer of peace to pull out under pressure.  When life rushes at us, we’re ready to reach into our pocket and pull out our prayer.

“Thank you that You are My Prince of Peace.
Thank you that You’ve given me Your Peace.
Not as the world gives, but as You give.
I receive Your gift of Peace and will not let my heart be troubled.”

Then, we push the pause button.

Never engage the enemy on his terms and at his pace.  Don’t be pushed to rush forward into the fray, but choose to step back into your spirit first.  From that place, you can ask the Lord,

  • How do you see this situation?
  • Who do You want to be for me in it?
  • What are You doing and how can I partner with you?

Finally, if negativity is present, have another thought.

What’s the opposite of the worry, fear or panic present?  What we focus on, we give power to, so don’t focus on the negative.  Use it to find God’s opposite instead and think about God’s true nature of peace and joy… and rejoice in that.

Rest creates space for us to catch our breath.  When we partner it with the fruit of self-control, we are able to not spiral out of control.  We have a place in Him to be still, and know He is in charge.

Rest allows us to hear His voice more clearly and to connect more with how He sees and is thinking about our lives.  He always has a brilliant thought.  Listen for it.

Remember that He seated you with Christ in heavenly places, which gives you permission to see every circumstance from His perspective.  Always ask to see as He sees and think as He thinks—and rejoice that He’s given you the mind of Christ.

Jesus died so that YOU could make powerful choices capable of displacing anything that stands in opposition to His gifts of rest, love and peace…which will you choose?

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